Welcome to the Advanced Facility for Avian Research

AFAR is a world-class facility at the University of Western Ontario for interdisciplinary studies of bird physiology, neurobiology and behaviour.

Understanding how birds adapt their reproductive and migratory strategies to environmental pressures requires detailed knowledge of how their neural and physiological systems respond to changes in the environment.


Researchers at AFAR come together from a variety of disciplines to explore how birds work, and how they respond to their environment. 


AFAR is a multi-user facility open to external academic and non-academic users.  Explore our facilities on this website and contact us for information on scheduling facility use and cost-recovery fees.

News at AFAR

  • Room Scheduling

    AFAR Students and PIs:  Room scheduling information is now available on the internal site.  Check the "Member Login" page above.  Contact Francis if you don't have access.

    Funding for the Advanced Facility for Avian Research was provided in part by: